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Solution technology and skill of deformation of flat injection molded parts

Article source:Shanghai Hongxue Mold Technology Co., Ltd. Published time:2018-12-05 18:17:21
To solve the problem of deformation of large-scale injection molded parts completely is a problem. In production, we have summarized some effective measures to improve the deformation:
1. Change the mold into multi-point glue (usually three-plate mold), and the large-plane injection molded parts should reach more than 4 points. This can reduce the degree of molecular alignment and reduce the inconsistency of the inconsistent contractions.
2. Appropriately increase the mold temperature, ABS material is usually kept above 60 °C, to reduce the cooling rate of the injection molded parts, reduce the temperature difference deformation caused by the chill transition, and at the same time reduce the degree of molecular orientation.
3. The most important one is to increase the pressure of injection or holding pressure, and greatly extend the time of injection or pressure retention, so that the size of the injection molded part is increased, and the amount of shrinkage is reduced. Significant improvements have been made. Therefore, extending the time of spraying or holding pressure (such as extending 10 to 15 seconds) has become an important means for us to solve the deformation problem.
4. If the above three measures fail to achieve the desired results, only the method of modelling and finalization should be adopted. Because most people don't use it very well, it takes a little skill.
First of all, it is necessary to take the injection molded part out of the mold early, and then take it in a state of several tens of degrees of high temperature (it should still be very hot, this is very important), put it on the workbench and fix it with the fixture. The key is the design of the fixing fixture. Suitable. At the same time, it is necessary to consider the degree of rebound of the injection molded parts. Usually, the rebound will basically stop after 12 hours, and the lower the temperature of the mold is, the larger the rebound amount will be. The so-called sputum must be too positive, so the amount of overpressure should be studied during production.
Finally, it is important to pay attention to the packaging and placement of injection molded parts. This is indeed very important, otherwise all our efforts will be abandoned. In general, the injection molded parts can be boxed side by side, and of course the shape of the injection molded parts is determined. In short, the injection molded parts cannot be squeezed against each other, nor can a part of the injection molded part be suspended, or the molded parts will start to deform after being placed for a few days.